Many possess power. Only divines have ruled the globe across dimensions. Divine Creatures shall return to conquer back their power.

What is Divine Creatures DAO?

Divine Creatures DAO developed a decentralized reserve currency protocol based on the $EGIS token. Our protocol was inspired by OlympusDAO and Wonderland DAO. Each $EGIS is backed by FTM-denominated assets (e.g. FTM) in the Divine treasury, giving the token an intrinsic value that it should not fall below. Divine Creatures will leverage similar staking and bonding dynamics of OlympusDAO.
Akin to other reserve currency protocols that aim at building value based on most valuable tokens, our token will be holding purchasing power by agglomerate its additional value from other reserve currencies.

Divine Creatures

Over the course of civilization, human folklore has accumulated vast numbers of myths, legends and stories about magical, powerful and supernatural beings. We aggregated select paramount beings into the NFT collection of divine creatures.
Over the course of last few months, DeFi 1.0 and 2.0 and cryptomarket in general have accumulated vast number of protocols, yield farms and treasuries. We aggregated select interesting aspects of all of them into one single project – Divine Creatures DAO.
We are launching a treasury of treasuries using Olympus DAO mechanics across multiple chains. Our presale will be based on NFT auction accompanied by a lottery. Our NFTs carry staking and bonding boost. Our treasury token will be backed by stable coins and other treasury tokens and will materialise from Fantom into other blockchains.
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Basics: Dive a little deeper

Learn the fundamentals of Divine Creatures to get a deeper understanding of our main features.
Extra reading about Initial NFT Offering and pre-sale can be found by first reading the page below.
Extra reading about using Divine Creatures DAO app can be found below.
Some fundamental basics
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