Divine progress will be divided into four phases – Genesis, Ascension, Apotheosis, and Transcendence. The roadmap will be updated as soon as the progress milestone is achieved

  • Discord community launch
  • Twitter launch
  • New logo reveal
  • Gods reveal
  • At least two Text AMAs
  • Website live
  • Parts of NFT Collection reveal
  • WL I finalised
  • Protocol GitHub reveal
    • Protocol Writing
    • Website Design and UI
    • UI Integration
    • Protocol Testing
    • Protocol Optimisation

  • Public figures join signatory board – SpiritSwap and Cryptodetweiler
  • Multi-sig implementation
  • WL II finalised
  • NFT sale to OG members and NFT Auction
  • Lottery draw
  • Pre-sale
  • Divine DAO App live
  • Bonding live
  • Staking live
  • Additional Bond offering(s)

  • Launch of second treasury on AVALANCHE Mainnet
  • Second NFT auction
  • Launch of the bridge
  • Cross-chain liquidity and further cross-chain capabilities expansion
  • Further partnerships
  • Dual-incentivized liquidity pools
  • NFT boosting APY capabilities
  • Launch on Optimism L2
  • Airdrop to NFT purchasers
  • Third NFT auction
  • Divine DEX for DeFI 2.0 projects

  • DIVINE LEND and BORROW capabilities
  • CEX Listing
  • DIVINE LAUNCH: launchpad to incubate innovative start-ups
Much on our roadmap speaks for itself. We do however want to share a brief explanation regarding several key items:

Main purpose of Divine Creatures DAO is to create a treasury that is reflects purchasing power of one not in the cryptomarket but of one using multiple treasury mechanisms in general. Our DAO will allow that. We are working on implementing cross-chain features that enable existence and growth of a treasury of treasuries. Some of the features include ability to stake on any chain that we are operational.
The liquidity of Divine Creatures DAO will exist on Fantom. Cross-chain liquidity will allow Divine Creatures to reach new users on other chains, as Fantom Opera is still an upcoming chain with fewer users than (for example) Ethereum. The chains we will target will be announced shortly. We expect that having pools on other chains will further grow Divine Creatures user base on these chains, and allow for a significant influx of treasury funds.
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Genesis Phase – December 2021
Ascension Phase – January 2022
Apotheosis Phase – Q1 & Q2 2022
Transcendence Phase – Further and Beyond