Glossary of Terms


Annual Percentage Rate. The annualised interest rate, not accounting for compounding


Annual Percentage Yield. The annualised interest rate, accounting for compounding


Bond Control Variable. The scaling variable controlling bond prices. A higher BCV means a lower discount to bonders and higher inflation of the protocol. A lower BCV means higher discount for bonders and lower inflation of the protocol.


Deflation Control Variable. The scaling variable governing buying pressure from the protocol. A higher DCV leads to higher buying pressure from the protocol and stronger deflation. A lower DCV leads to lower buying pressure from the protocol and weaker deflation.


Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. A governance mechanism by which decisions are more trustless and collaborative. Votes are made using a governance token, in our case aEGIS.


Protocol-Controlled Value. The value of the treasury controlled by the protocol. A higher value is better.


Protocol-Owned Liquidity. The amount of its own liquidity the protocol owns. Higher is better.


Risk-Free Value. The amount of funds the treasury guarantees as backing for EGIS.


Total Value Locked. The total sum of the value staked in the Divine Creatures DAO in Dollars. A growing TVL is a sign of growth.